Launch Node-Red On Startup With a Batch File
Node Red command prompt

I want Node-Red to start up (and other command line programs) when Windows 10 starts. Batch files are a simple way to achieve this.

One feature, bad or good, is the batch file will open a command prompt window that essentially acts like a live log viewer for node-red. This is fine for my application because I have a PC dedicated running 24-7 for a camera video server, MQTT server, and now Node-Red. I like being able to see what Node-Red is doing, if you want Node-Red to run in the background as a service you will want to use a different method.

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Custom Cortana MQTT Commands


image Cortana can easily be extended to aid you with your DIY home automaton projects. In this example Cortana sends MQTT commands to open and close a garage door as well as ring the doorbell with custom jingles. By the way, you don’t have to use MQTT, you can also do a whole lot of other things as well from opening a file, opening a program, or launching your favorite websites.

As of the writing of this entry I am frantically trying to finish documenting the MQTT Doorbell and Garage Door Opener devices in separate posts. Hopefully I can get those whipped out in a few days.
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Homemade  bubble machine complete with variable speed bubble wand, variable speed fan. PID loop controlled heaters to heat the air to give the bubbles more lift.


  • 150W PC power supply
  • Fan: NIDEC BetaV M# 35291-35 2.3A
  • EZ HEat 300W band heater 1.5”
  • PID controller REX-C100
  • 12 Volt gear motor from Tokyo Micro
  • Fotek Solid State Relay SSR-25DA

Here is the 3d printer file for the bubble wand holder…

TI LaunchPad MQTT I/O Demo

This demo connects two TI LaunchPad devices together using MQTT. I have every intention to add other devices to the mix like Arduino, Netduino, RaspBerry Pi, and BeagleBone in the future.


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HC-21 Simple Wifi Serial for Arduino Tutorial

The Simple Wi-Fi HC-21 module is a meager $10-$15 bucks on ebay right now. It is a simple Wi-Fi serial port server or virtual serial port. This means it is self contained and will handleimage all the overhead of negotiating a Wi-Fi connection and communication leaving more room for your application in the Arduino.

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Windows 10, Should I get it?
Windows 10 Tech Preview2

Windows 10 (Threshold, Technical Preview)

Microsoft released a “Technical Preview” of their new upcoming version of Windows operating system on October 1, 2014. This version of Windows will be named Windows 10. Here is a brief review that should help the average users decide if Windows 10 is for them. Keep in mind a lot could happen between now and mid 2015 when windows 10 is released.Windows 10 Tech Preview2

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Arduino error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant

error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant

This Arduino IDE error blew my mind for a while, come to find out it can be caused from syntax errors. look for a missing semi colon or accidental text at the top of your sketch.

The Error

Thermostat1:1: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant
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DIY Arduino Mini BMO

Arduino Mini BMO

BMO from Comedy Central’s Adventure Time is adorable, if only someone would make one that can walk! Atleast we can make one with a personality. Here is a build using easy to get parts including Arduino Pro Mini, Nokia 3310 LCD screen, audio playback, accelerometers, and distance sensors.  Read More…

X10 Control Using Arduino, Modbus, and ScadaBR

X10 Lighting and appliance modules are cheap on Ebay, I wanted to control them with my HMI (ScadaBR) so I put a X10 and Modbus library together in an  Arduino to turn on and off the modules.

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How To Scale A Thermistor for An Arduino

Thermistors And Your Microcontroller

A thermistor is a simple temperature component, basically it is a variable resistor that the resistance changes in it depending on the temperature. Such a simple device needs a few more components and scaling in the microcontroller to give the desired C or F temperature reading.

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