Windows 10, Should I get it?

Windows 10 (Threshold, Technical Preview)

Microsoft released a “Technical Preview” of their new upcoming version of Windows operating system on October 1, 2014. This version of Windows will be named Windows 10. Here is a brief review that should help the average users decide if Windows 10 is for them. Keep in mind a lot could happen between now and mid 2015 when windows 10 is released.Windows 10 Tech Preview2

Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users

Desktop users rejoice! Windows 10 has some significant usability improvements from windows 8 for keyboard and mouse users.

  • The start menu is back with a little pane to pin start screen icons.
  • Modern windows applications run in windows so it is easy to dock and multi task again.
  • Even more features have gone into docking that make it a snap to dock all of your windows.
  • Multiple desktops can help power users be more productive.


Tablet, convertible, and touch users


Touch users will still experience the full modern start screen which is intuitive for touch users. You can actually toggle start menu and screen to your liking,


Windows 10 is faster and leaner than its predecessors.  Thanks to some great usability enhancements it seems to have fixed some weaknesses of windows 8 that intimidated some users. Overall its kind of like the Windows 7 most people love with some nice new enhancements.