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DIY Arduino RC Mars Rover

Mars rover remixed and inspired by bolbots mars rover on Thinigverse.

The rover uses an Arduino 101 for brains, BLE for communication, and the Blynk app for remote control.


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DIY Kossel XL RepRap 3D Printer Build

Kossel XL 2020 RepRap

I used my first RepRap Mendel Prusa 2 to print my Kossel Mini. The Kossel Mini has been a wonderful printer but I wanted something a tad bigger so I embarked on a journey to build a big Kossel RepRap 3D printer. As of writing this post there is a significant lack of affordable kits for large Kossel printers out there so I found some inspiration online and started building my own Kossel XL 3D printer. I am very proud of the results, its gorgeous and prints great!

If you don’t know already, RepRap printers are open source, no one owns them, you do! The community has a lot of information on building your own self replicating 3D printer,

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Kossel Mini 3D Printer Accessories and Modifications

Here are some 3D printer accessories and modifications I couldn’t live without.

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Kossel 3D Printer Filament Spool Holder

imageHere is a nice looking filament spool holder to go with my Kossel Mini 3D printer.  It uses printed parts and 15x15mm Mitsumi extruded aluminum. The rod is 8mm or 5/16 diameter. You can make this holder as large as you want. Read More…

RAMPS 3D Printer Electronics Enclosure

imageWhen you build your own 3D printer you can put the electronics just about anywhere.  I chose a RAMPS 1.4 enclosure off of Thingiverse and then modified the sides to my liking.

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Kossel Mini 3D Printer Heated Aluminum Print surface

imageI finally came to the point where I had to figure out a heated bead for my Kossel Mini 3D printer. It is OK to print smaller objects using PLA plastic without a heated bed however to print larger objects or use ABS you must have a heated bed to prevent warpage.

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3D Printer Hot End Review

It is a bit of a chore to research all the different types of hot ends and attempt to figure out which one to sink your cash into. I have had over six different types of hot ends, by far the J-Heads have been the best.

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Greg’s Accessible Extruder Assembly for Kossel Mini

I started out with Airtripper’s direct drive extruder on my 3D printer and while I liked it a lot I found out that normal stepper motors will not work. You need a hefty stepper motor and even at that I doubt the ramps stepper drivers can handle it. It is suggested to use a gear reduced stepper with something like a 4:1 step down, these are fairly expensive so I opted to build a Greg’s extruder which has the approximant 4:1 step down that I needed.

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Prusa Mendle 3D printer Hot End Fan Duct

imageKeeping your hot end can reduce jamming, as the heat travels up the filament the liniment will expand sometimes jamming the hot end.

This fan duct bolts right on to a RepRap carrage and is meant for a 30MM fan. You will have to drill your own holes. Read More…

Kossel Mini 3D Printer Electronics

There are many options for 3D printer electronics. I like to use the Arduino Mega along with a RAMPS 1.4 board, as I already have lots of Arduino experience. Read More…

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