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Powering the Kossel Mini 3D printer and modifying an ATX PC Power Supply

You can easily power a 3D printer using an ATX PC power supply. You will need to connect the green PS-ON wire to ground to power the supply on. Read More…

Kossel Mini Airtripper’s Bowden Extruder and Print Bed


You can chose just about any Bowden extruder for the Kossel Mini, I chose Airtripper’s Bowden Extruder.

Read More…

Kossel Mini 3D Printer Vertical Movement Tutorial

Vertical Rail Options

kossel movementThere are several options available for the vertical movement carriage of the Kossel Mini.  The thing is some options cost a LOT more money. I will show some options along with prices as of 1/1/2014.



$(KGrHqMOKooFIM4k2M6PBSJpoi,Gwg~~60_31. Use MR12 MGN12C HIWIN rail and truck currently about $140.00 after shipping…






2. Use an additional printed carriage with Dual 623 V rollers currently around $80.00 after shipping… Read More…

Kossel Mini Tutorial, Push Rods, Effector, Auto Level Probe and Hot End

In this video I assemble the push rods, effector, and auto level probe.


Push rods: They should be around 180MM and MUST be exactly the same length. If they are all a little bigger or smaller you can adjust in the software. Cut the head off of 12 M4X20 screws and screw the ball joint ends on to the rods, be careful not to split the rods so a tap may be needed. Read More…

How to Build a Kossel Mini Tutorial, Frame

Why I am building a Kossel Mini

My first 3D printer was a Prusa Mendel V2 Reprap, after seeing the speed and precision of my bosse’s Rostock Max and drooling over his Kossel mini I decided it was time to make another printer. (You can find my Prusa Mendel V2 Reprap post here) I have found that half the fun of 3D printing is building the machine… especially if you are the type that enjoys tinkering and fiddling with gadgets. I have also found that 3D printing is absolutely a hobby, though, I am to cheap to try some of the more out of the box printers that are developing nowadays. I am not sure if the urge to build things or my cut-rate pocket-book drive my DIY printing hobby more… Read More…

RepRap Prusa Mendel V2 Complete Build










Building my very first 3D printer was quite traumatic and time consuming but also fun and rewarding! I don’t suggest building your own unless you have a love for tinkering, and making. There are some other qualities that will come in handy such as tendency’s for hacking, electronics, and computers. As this is a computer controlled machine complete with a microcontroller you MUST know how to turn a computer on. Be aware that building your own RepRap is more like getting a hobby than getting a project. Read More…

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